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The Company listed its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) on July 6, 2012, amid challenging conditions for the coal market in general. A total of 210,681,000 common shares at a nominal value of Rp 200 per share were listed on the Exchange, representing 10.47% of the Company’s fully paid and invested capital. The shares offered to the public at the IPO at a price of Rp 1,900 per share generated proceeds of Rp 400,293,900,000 for the Company.

Shares of the Company are listed on IDX with the ticker code TOBA.  

On May 31, 2019, the Company conducted a stock split with a ratio of 1:4. The transaction caused a change in the nominal value of shares, which was previously Rp 200 (two hundred rupiah) per share with the number of issued and paid-up shares amounted to 2,012,490,000, to Rp 50 (full amount) per share with the number of issued and paid-up shares amounted to 8,049,964,000.


The Company is majority owned by Highland Strategic Holdings Pte Ltd (Highland) with a 61.91% share ownership. Highland is an investment company from Singapore, with address in 3 Jalan Pisang, Singapore 199070. Highland focuses on investment in the energy sector in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia.


Name of Shareholders Number of Shareholders %
Shareholders of 5% or more
Highland Strategic Holdings Pte Ltd 4,983,799,956 61.91
PT Toba Sejahtra 804,927,244 10.00
Bintang Bara B.V. 805,000,000 10.00
PT Bara Makmur Abadi 503,020,000 6.25
PT Sinergi Sukses Utama 410,800,000 5.10

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